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Mindless stupidity has reached pandemic proportions. The customers at my shitty jobs are simply micro examples of this hideously crippling disease.


A man ordered 3 small cappuccinos, immediately followed by a woman who ordered 2 medium flat whites. So far, so boring. I called out above the hideous din of consumption “3 small cappucino” and the 2 flat white woman approached me saying “So, these are mine?”


Stupidity: The Modern Condition

Due to spending a little too much time working tedious and mind numbing jobs, I intend to keep a kind of treatise on working life. Unlike Ignatius’ most noble of intentions, it will hold no miraculous discoveries, brilliant theories or business plans… all it will contain will be my vented anger at the complete stupidity of virtually everyone.

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What is with the ‘_____ much?’ phenomenon? I cringe whenever I hear someone say it or read it in someone’s arsebook status. From my understanding the much is totally useless. Example – ‘Criminal much?’. Simply questioning criminal (‘criminal?’) is sufficient. It does exactly the same job. It doesn’t even sound at all catchy or cool, like motherfucker. Send them all to GAOL.

HYPOTHESIS – Andy Warhol is overrated.

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Recently, Family Guy won some stupid ‘Battle of the Animations’ on Fox8. The unbelievability of this win is that The Simpsons were also involved. Although, like anything, the really classic episodes of The Simpsons come from early in their history, their sheer consistency over 20 years surely can’t be beaten. Family Guy has stretched their meaningless gags over 5 series. Boring.
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