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I have done the apparently unthinkable in these hyper-connected times. I have deleted all of my (now ir)relevant social networking pages. I’ve come to realise how utterly boring and distracting they are, even if their ease of free use may appear beneficial.

Quiz after quiz and the’ you may know this person’ feature are annoying enough. The fact that Facebook actually owns your content is probably the most frustrating and controversial point I don’t believe enough people are aware of. When deleting your MySpace account everything is deleted (as far as I know). Facebook only allows you to deactivate your account whilst holding on to every comment, photo or any other piece of information you were stupid enough to reveal.

I feel these sites have numbed my brain and wasted my time. My quest is to rid my life of all unnecessary evils so I can focus on writing uselessly entertaining pieces. And so it begins.


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