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Stupidity: The Modern Condition

Due to spending a little too much time working tedious and mind numbing jobs, I intend to keep a kind of treatise on working life. Unlike Ignatius’ most noble of intentions, it will hold no miraculous discoveries, brilliant theories or business plans… all it will contain will be my vented anger at the complete stupidity of virtually everyone.

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My wicked cool 5 disc CD playa won’t open. The Night Marchers and HORSE The Band are indefinitely stuck. Give me an axe and I’ll go Raskolnikov on that piece of shit.

It is now my time to get moneyd. In the space of 48 hours I went from being unemployed to having two whole jobs. I will be serving up doughnuts at Erina and ice-cream at Terrigal. I will single-handedly ensure Australia doesn’t lose the worlds fattest per head of population title.

ATTN: Anyone who spells gaol wrong is a fucking criminal.

I have a degree and I can’t find a job. Yeah, ok, I’ve kind of only applied for about four in a two month period, but that’s far from the point. I have reached the end of my job-hunting tether.

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