I was forced to call the University Admissions Centre this morning because I’m an idiot and forgot to keep a record of all the relevant numbers I’d need to check the progress of my Diploma of Education application. I was on hold for about 10 minutes, whatever, it’s what I expected. What I didn’t expect was having to listen to a radio station called Hope 103.2 (HOPE, HOpe, hope…).

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What is with the ‘_____ much?’ phenomenon? I cringe whenever I hear someone say it or read it in someone’s arsebook status. From my understanding the much is totally useless. Example – ‘Criminal much?’. Simply questioning criminal (‘criminal?’) is sufficient. It does exactly the same job. It doesn’t even sound at all catchy or cool, like motherfucker. Send them all to GAOL.

Worlds biggest cunt?

World's biggest douche?

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My wicked cool 5 disc CD playa won’t open. The Night Marchers and HORSE The Band are indefinitely stuck. Give me an axe and I’ll go Raskolnikov on that piece of shit.

It is now my time to get moneyd. In the space of 48 hours I went from being unemployed to having two whole jobs. I will be serving up doughnuts at Erina and ice-cream at Terrigal. I will single-handedly ensure Australia doesn’t lose the worlds fattest per head of population title.

ATTN: Anyone who spells gaol wrong is a fucking criminal.

Introducing the white collar, middle-aged man band – The Priests!

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Worst Campaign Ever

Worst Campaign Ever?

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Download and go to hell!(?)

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ANSWER: No. Obviously.

I don’t have a green hunting cap (no matter how much I’d like to) and I don’t live in New Orleans. And as far as I know, I’m not a principle character in a great novel. There are similarities however. I’m a loner and a know it all. I still live with my parents. I work shitty jobs that far from utilise my skill set. I’m about to go back to university, and avoiding the precarious slide in to indefinant study may prove to be difficult. Like Japanese tourists, the stupid are everywhere and I find myself surrounded by idiots on a near daily basis. Whether they are in confederacy against me is so far unclear.

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This is genius. Can Batman get any more bad arse?

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