It may be possible that I have a short memory, but it seems that the reverence and worship of our flag is a relatively new phenomenon. And no one generation has embraced the flag as much as mine. But the way it is embraced has an alienating and abusive tone. The flag is shoved in peoples faces to prove that for usually ethnic reasons ‘I belong here and you don’t’.

I love Australia. What I love about this country and its people most is our casual, unassuming way of approaching and embracing life. We’re jokers, we talk amazingly. Things are rarely good, they’re not bad instead.Our language is a ripper and we hardly use it anymore. We are such a young place in the grand-scheme of world history. We’re like the 15 year old second cousin to the Americas and Europe. Running around whingeing ‘I want to be a great nation when I grow up’.

The great thing is that we already are. Sports people are god-like to us, but we have produced many more heroes. I challenge you to name one of the many great Australian scientists and what they’ve achieved without Google. And if you can’t, look them up anyway. Do it for Orstraylia, mate.