Stupidity: The Modern Condition

Due to spending a little too much time working tedious and mind numbing jobs, I intend to keep a kind of treatise on working life. Unlike Ignatius’ most noble of intentions, it will hold no miraculous discoveries, brilliant theories or business plans… all it will contain will be my vented anger at the complete stupidity of virtually everyone.


LOCATION: Krispy Kreme

“So, this lime doughnut… it’s like mint flavoured right?”


LOCATION: Kripsy Kreme

There is a cheaper deal for seniors, who get 25% off everything. Four different people, all youthful or middle-aged have seriously asked me the following question…

“Do you have to be a senior to get the seniors deal?”

So ends this chapter of ‘Stupidity: The Modern Condition’. No doubt there will be many more entires. A big fuck you goes out to all yo’ consumers.