I was forced to call the University Admissions Centre this morning because I’m an idiot and forgot to keep a record of all the relevant numbers I’d need to check the progress of my Diploma of Education application. I was on hold for about 10 minutes, whatever, it’s what I expected. What I didn’t expect was having to listen to a radio station called Hope 103.2 (HOPE, HOpe, hope…).

Hope 103.2 ‘is Sydney’s Christian radio station, encouraging and upholding family ideals and Christian values that are worthwhile for the whole community’. I wouldn’t listen to Christian radio (or any radio) and I have no problem with Hope 103.2. They are clear abut their values and mission, without hiding behind youthful and trendy cool Christian douches that prey (get punned!) on loneliness to fill their coffers.

The song that took up much of my holding time was something about Jesus being the love of some girls life. I am aware that UAC is not a government run organisation and therefore can play whatever they like to all the poor suckers on hold who are desperate for some higher education. It just struck me as extremely odd. The universities UAC processes applications for are largely secular institutions, yet their main and most accessible point of communication is so overtly Christian?