Introducing the white collar, middle-aged man band – The Priests!

Ireland’s Father Eugene O”Hagan, Father Martin O’Hagan and Father David Delargy are The Priests. LISTEN TO THE PRIESTS OR GO TO HELL is unfortunately not the marketing campaign Sony chose to go for (Surely the God-fearing route has always been a fail-safe for the Catholic church?).

The echoes of Father Ted and Father Dougal’s ‘Eurosong’ entry ‘My Lovely Horse’ are obvious and the fact that The Priests are for real is a little creepy. It’s worth noting for the uninitiated that Father Ted is a Catholic/Religious joke-a-thon about three Irish priests. The million pound deal The Priests struck with SonyBMG is curious. I’m sure they’re decent chaps, but The Priests are being taken for a ride by a record company who recognised the dollar signs in the all priest boy band gimmick.

A bit of advice, don’t buy your Mum a copy of their album for Christmas. It’s already in the ARIA Top 20. It’s what their marketing campaign will want you to do, and I know it’s an easy option but the ramifications of such an act are too frightening. Can you imagine if The Priests toured? I’m predicting an Andre Rieu-esque Catholic extravaganza complete with hideously violent Catholic imagery. ‘WHAT WOULD JESUS DO? SEE THE PRIESTS LIVE!’