Worst Campaign Ever

Worst Campaign Ever?

Australia was recently ranked the 5th worst country for bullying in schools (ABC News). But, the ‘BULLYING. NO WAY!’ campaign is so hard, cutting edge and in yo’ face, how could it have failed? This poster, circa 2002, was pilfered by me from a school billboard as I thought it was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. For the last 6 years it has had pride of place in my room as the only poster on my wall.

The accompanying website isn’t too shabby. It ticks all the basic boxes aesthetically, but is is actually used by real kids? From a quick glance at the forums, for both primary and secondary, there’s an average of about two posts per month for 2008, and a negligible amount for the years previous. As a campaign, it’s undoubtedly a failure.  But its comedic value knows no bounds.