Download and go to hell!(?)

I’ve always been a true believer in purchasing books and albums. Back when I was a little one, age 14, casual job… I had money to fucking burn man. All I bought was albums. Even then I saw the value in exchanging money for an actual, physical, creative thing. I could never accept the ‘market’ as valuable because I could never see that it produced anything at all. I guess I still can’t accept it. (This opinion is currently irrelevant. I may expand on this and bore the oxygen out of you at a later date. Stay tuned financiers!)

I am hopelessly unemployed at this point in time. (Realistically, this is really easily fixed. But, the way I am with relationships and clothing I am with employment. Ridiculously picky). And with unemployment comes quite a lot of unemployable time. I have a giant list of books and music I now have time to connect with. The problem is becoming obvious. I have the time to spend, but not the money. What a motherfucking dilemma.

I can’t stand reading too much text on screen. And the local libraries are scarily lacking in good content. That’s a problem I can’t easily solve. But music… it’s so simple. I bought a few albums and books from Amazon that I couldn’t find anywhere and the exchange rate screwed me. To download or not to download? The way I rationalise it is that it’s kind of like a try before you buy. Or an IOU. One day, I promise I’ll buy your album. If it’s worth it.