The Night Marchers – See You In Magic

I have to put it out there from the outset, I am a fan of all things Speedo (John Reis – RFTC, Hot Snakes, Swami Records) so it was far from a stretch for me to fucking adore this album. This is garage rock at it’s finest. It’s gritty and in terms of sound quality far from crisp, but this works in See You In Magic’s favour. Over-production would kill, disembowel, piss and spit on the atmos’ here.

‘Closed For Inventory’ is a nice little opener and other highlights include ‘Jump In The Fire’, ‘And I Keep Holding On’ and what could (very loosely) be called the ballad of the album ‘You Got Nerve’. ‘Total Bloodbath’, a rather promising title, offers nothing but disappointment. It starts off fine but the chorus is eardrum bursting hideousness. “What’s in my mind versus my heart/What’s in my heart versus my mind/What’s in my mind versus my heart/And it’s a total bloodbath”. One of the worst ever.

The album as a whole is top shelf . The overall quality makes the hideous failure of ‘Total Bloodbath’ totally forgettable (and only chops off .25 of a spud). Plus, I know it’s early days, but it has what I can safely call one of my favourite ever songs – ‘In Dead Sleep (I Snore ZZZZ)’. It’s catchy from the outset, then it hits the chorus. The Night Marchers somehow managed to pack a slow build killer punch in to a few short minutes.

4 and 3/4 spuds.