‘There’s only two kinds of music. Good Music and bad music’.

I’m certainly not trying to suggest that Andre Rieu is the first person in all of history to stumble upon this gem. I have thought and even said something along these lines before I heard the man with amazing hair and grotesque fantasy stage shows utter what I think is the only argument when discussing musical preferences. Obviously what is considered good and what is considered bad is down to interpretation and personal taste. Anyone who ridicules anybody for liking music that they themselves don’t happen to like is a prat.

Don’t be frightened of the music you like. Don’t be scared to like something just because a whole lot of other people like it. Popular doesn’t necessarily mean bad, which many non-conformists will try and have you believe.

Own up to what you like. It may shock you readers, but I saw Justin Timberlake and I enjoyed it. His backing band were consumate professionals and he was an impressive and skilled performer. The last gigs, shows, concerts, performances (whatever each could be called) that I felt it necessary to fork out money to attend are extremely varied in style, audience and aesthetic. Michael Franti and Spearhead in Newcastle, Meshuggah at UNSW, Europa Galante (italian baroque orchestra) performing Vivaldi’s Four Seasons at the Opera House (something EVERYONE should hear performed live in such a beatiful place) and Slava and Leonard Grigoryan and Joseph and James Tawadros (Band of Brothers) at Lizottes. All were incredibly good. Well, to my mind anyway.

Celebrate the music you love. Appreciate that like sex, not everyone has the same musical buttons. And don’t be a fucking idiot and take the piss out of people because they like, you know, like something really shit like… The Veronicas.