If The Pestilence That Walketh in D actually was the song title then Cryptopsy would be automatic geniuses in my eyes. Unfortunately the D is followed by arkness. Even so, Cryptopsy amuse me a lot more than any other metal group. And I think that’s because I’m actually beginning to really like them.

Fronted until fairly recently by a one Lord Worm and with album titles such as Ungentle Exhumation and Blasphemy Made Flesh, on first glance it’s kind of hard to take them seriously.

Their latest album The Unspoken King was universally panned so let’s not even go there. Lord Worm was earlier kicked out of the band and replaced by Matt McGachy, apparently some kind of wiener. And with that came a complete change in direction, from technical death metal to deathcore (let’s just say you could now easily call them Job for a Cryptopsy). Please note this is not the Cryptopsy I’m beginning to like.

I love a good song title. With tracks like ‘Open Face Surgery’, ‘Endless Cemetery’, and my personal favourite ‘The Franic Pace Of Dying’ Cryptopsy had pretty much already won me over. Then it turns out they are actually awesome. And I thought Propaghandi was the only cool band to come out of Canada.