Yes, this legally recognised man, Thomas Beattie, had a baby. And hell, he looks remarkably like a man. Problem? He’s not a man. Not really.

Surely the most definitive feature seperating the female from the male is that the female has a womb to keep the little growing fetus in. If you’ve got a uterus, and ovaries, you’re female. So where did this man keep his unborn baby? Did they artificially manufacture a womb-like sack and surgically insert it in to his body? NO! HE STILL HAS A UTERUS SO IT IS NO FUCKING MIRACLE! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

They seem like a nice couple, they really do (I saw them on Oprah, HA). He kept his female sexual organs because his partner could not conceive. How sweet. Truly. They’re probably making a nice little earner on all this miracle talk (the above picture was lifted from A miracle? Except that it like.. isn’t.

Plus, he’s so not the first. Dr Alex Hesse beat him to it.