Here’s the proof. My afternoon was as follows…

After searching the local regional library for DeLillo and Bukowski and coming up with ZERO I proceeded to borrow all the Kafka I could find (sum total = two titles). What a shitty fucking library.

Bought the Red Dwarf 20th Anniversary ‘Just the Smegs’ DVD after snorting at the Bodysnatcher collection for re-mastering (and ruining) what already was slightly dodgy model-based perfection. Philistines.

I laughed at ABC finance presenter Alan (I call him Al) Kohler’s jokes and am actually inerested in his many graphs and insights.

After spending months in anticipation I got super-excited for The Howard Years bookmarking ABC’s web page for the series. I then had a momentary anxiety attack over having to choose between The Howard Years and Death Note on ABC2. It’s ok team, it turns out they only overlap by approximately seven minutes.