HYPOTHESIS – Andy Warhol is overrated.

I stepped momentarily in to a small local gallery a few days ago to overhear ‘We have a genuine Warhol, signed by the man himself… oh, only $60,000″. I assume this was the figure on the price tag. My automatic reaction was ‘man that dude sounds like a wanker, Warhol is a charlatan’. But, is he? He painted some soup can, multi-coloured Marilyn Monroe prints and apparently made a 6 hour film of some poet sleeping. Giver of birth to the pop-art movement, he is undoubtedly one famous geezer. But does sheer weight of name make his work worth 60k or more?

Now, I’m no art connossuier, and have very little knowledge of the art world itself. He made a fortune (and his estate probably continues this inflated legacy), hanging out with hip peeps in his self-titled ‘factory’ where he churned out mass produced art. Cutting-edge? Subversive? The dude was a corporate copy-cat. He repoduced advertisements and passed them off as art. And people bought the faux irony. In my fantasy land I wish I could believe that Warhol was having a massive laugh at the consumer society of which we are all apart. I have the feeling the man believed what he was doing was worthwhile and he most definitely had an inflated sense of self worth. Git.

According to Wikipedia (have you heard of this site? It’s very authoritative) he coined the phrase ’15 mintues of fame’. I reckon that’s all he deserved.

CONCLUSION – Andy Warhol is overrated.*

*EDITORIAL ALERT! This is obviously far from a comprehensive and accurate case which probably should have canvassed all relevant viewpoints. Trouble is I got too annoyed reading about the guy and snorting with derision and my opinionated hatred overcame me.